When it came to creating $GAMEFI, we wanted to ensure that we launched a token that is sustainable, had an essential function in our gaming ecosystem, and rewarded our community.

$GAMEFI represents a share of the equity of Revenant Games and down the line, as we grow, dividends will be periodically shared with holders based on $GAMEFI held.

$GAMEFI also represents governance, meaning that holders of $GAMEFI are able to influence the road ahead for the protocol.

That’s why $GAMEFI will have several use cases beyond its price appreciation, such as:

  • Rewards in the form of staking and dividends

  • Early access to Revenant Games

  • Exclusive early investment opportunities through Revenant Launchpad

  • In-game benefits in Revenant Games

  • And much more!

$GAMEFI can be purchased here.

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