Providing Liquidity

Liquidity Providers

Currently, rewards in $GAMEFi are shared with participants providing liquidity for our trading pair on the Hermes DEX.

In order to stake, you must provide liquidity with 2 tokens, our governance token $GAMEFI and $m.USDC. Once you have, you will receive an LP token that represents your liquidity in the pool. You can then stake the LP tokens on Hermes and receive $GAMEFI rewards on top of $HERMES rewards.

This ensures investors who support the protocol are rewarded for their efforts. The yield will vary depending on the total value of the pool as it is shared with liquidity providers and split by the total % of liquidity each participant provides.

Note: When you provide liquidity on an exchange, you are opening yourself up to the risk of impermanent loss.

How to provide Liquidity for $GAMEFI

Step 1 — Use this link to add “Liquidity”:

Step 2 — You will need to add a 1:1 value of $m.USDC (USDC on the Metis chain) and $GAMEFI. Add your liquidity (Hermes will help you split it equally).

Step 3 — You will receive an LP token representing your liquidity pool share. This LP token can then be staked on Hermes to receive $GAMEFI rewards that we have outlined in previous articles. Go to “staking.” Once locked in, you will receive the $GAMEFI emissions.

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