Why Metis Andromeda?

MetisDAO, based on Optimistic Rollup spirit, is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that focuses on producing an uncomplicated, highly expandable, and whole functioning Layer 2 framework.

Why Metis Andromeda for REVENANT?

Blockchain games require many factors for a viable economic structure. A cornerstone of this new generation of games is the play-to-earn system, issuing reward tokens that must hold monetary value. However, this increases the token’s inflation rate, which decreases its price. Therefore, a finely tuned economy with deflationary mechanisms and use cases must exist to combat this and balance the reward token’s supply and demand.

The Metis Builder Mining Program is an excellent implementation to add to micro Play to Earn economies, considering Metis returns 30% of the transaction revenue a project collects every month to the respective project.

This kickback allows Revenant to implement another token sink into our Play to Earn games, which nurtures health in the long term for our games.

In addition and possibly most importantly, currently, there are few gaming protocols on Metis. We intend to be the first to offer both blockchain gaming and a GameFi-specific launchpad on the Metis Andromeda network. We believe being positioned as the first movers on the Metis ecosystem provides a strong potential position for the future, as the technology and innovations of Metis are parallel to none.

What is Metis?

Metis is an optimistic rollup on Ethereum that is a hard fork of Optimism. This means that transactions on the Ethereum mainnet are bundled and then executed on the layer two network. The L1 takes care of the immutable transaction data while the L2 deals with verification and contract execution, working in tandem beautifully.

As a rising star among Layer 2 scaling solutions, Metis has made many innovations based on Optimistic Rollup technology and established its moat. Metis’s main competitive advantages are summarized as the following:

  1. The decentralized autonomous company (DAC) architecture is integrated into the Layer 2 network infrastructure. Each Dapps deployed on the Layer 2 network consists of stakeholders to form a DAC to achieve decentralized governance. DAC builds trust and cooperation among stakeholders through Optimistic Governance and Reputation Power;

  2. By innovatively proposing optimized verification mechanisms such as sequencer pool and Ranger verification, the fraud proofing time has been dramatically shortened from about a week to minutes.

  3. The innovation of the data storage layer improves the scalability of the Layer 2 network, and the transaction fee is significantly reduced from dollar to cent level.

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